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Defamation, slander and privacy

Defamation, slander and privacy

Defamation, slander and privacy

We are one of the top firms in litigation of defamation and privacy cases. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in slander cases, court proceedings to expose web surfers information, complex appeal proceedings, mediation, and arbitration. The attorneys at our firm have a vast experience in dealing with the most complex and challenging of cases, pertaining to libel and privacy protection, mostly high-profile.


Our experience in slander and privacy laws have allowed us to work on diverse and complex libel cases regarding issues such as libel in the internet, libel on talk-backs, responsibility of websites for slanderous posts of its users, libel on social media websites, libel in op-ed printed media, libel in broadcast media (television), slander in the political world, and more... 


Among the main and complex cases dealt with by the attorneys at the firm:

  • Libel on Facebook: representation of a plaintiff in a libel lawsuit for slanderous comments posted by the user.
  • Libel in an op-ed publication in the newspaper: representation of a publisher as a defendant in a case claiming that an op-ed article contained libelous material.
  • Libel in a political article published in the newspaper: representation of a political figure sued, claiming they were the source of libelous material published in the newspaper.
  • Temporary relief request to prevent invasion of privacy: representation of a public figure in a motion to prevent the exposure of personal information and an article that was to be published in the newspaper.
  • Negotiation with "Kolbotek"(a TV series) to prevent the publishing of an article: representation of a public figure in negotiations with "Kolbotek" representatives to prevent and alter the details of research to be published.

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